Security is everywhere

Security in login

· ReCAPTCHA Google
· Google Authenticator
· SMS warning of suspicious login
· Multiple sessions not allowed to prevent from fraud

Security in withdrawal

· Verification Level 2 required (cryptos)
· Google Authenticator
· Verification with CPF/CNPJ
· E-mail notification

Security in assets

· 99% cryptocurrencies are stored in the multi-signed “Cold Wallet” (offline)
· Transaction details by e-mail
· VQF license - Supervision against Anti-Money Laundering and financing of terrorism

Security in technology

· SSL A+ Certificate guarantees a secure environment.
Test here by yourself
· Professional distributed architecture and Anti-DDoS attack system
· Powered by Abakus Group, one of "50 best Fintech innovators".
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Precautions are never too much

Create a strong password

· 8-20 characters with capital letter, numbers and special symbols
· Don’t use the same password of your registered e-mail or accounts on other platforms.
· Save your password in safe place. Don’t tell it to anyone, neither to NovaDAX customer attendants.

Activate Google Authentication

Protect your account right now with an extra layer of security, activating Google Authentication in Security page

Verify your account

Send us your document to verify your account to increase authenticity and confidentiality and prevent from fraud.