Is NovaDAX reliable?

As a new technology, investing in cryptocurrencies (digital assets) still causes some concerns. Therefore, it is common to have doubts about the asset buying and selling processes and questions such as: “Is NovaDAX reliable?".

So, you should make sure you invest in cryptocurrencies a reliable exchange that values the security of your data. Keep reading and check more details about our services and what we do to keep all your information protected.

Security starts with investment

Trading cryptocurrencies is safe. That's because this is an investment based on the blockchain, a transparent and stable network technology in which all transactions (buys and sales) are recorded.

In other words, the blockchain makes data tracking and transaction cybersecurity possible, allowing the storage of information on several computers around the world and preventing access by outsiders, who may have malicious purposes.

However, it is worth mentioning that, just like the world of equity investments, the cryptocurrency market also has its risks. That's why it's important to choose an exchange with good reputation.

NovaDAX is reliable, for example. With a score of 9/10 on ReclameAqui, our team values transparency and exchange of opinions, so you have access to a Telegram group, where you can talk openly with traders to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of our company.

Here, you will find everything you need to have a safe experience.

In addition to these channels, in order to choose a good cryptocurrency trading platform, it is important to consider all the features offered, to ensure that there is no leakage of information. With that in mind, NovaDAX has several mechanisms to handle your transactions, such as:

Login security

In the login process, NovaDAX is trustworthy. Once you log in, you will go through the "ReCAPTCHA Google", the "Google Authenticator", and will also receive an SMS informing you of the access. In addition, multiple logins are not allowed in the same period, in order to prevent frauds.

Trading protection

To ensure that cryptocurrency trading is secure, NovaDAX holds SSL A Certificate and is further supported by Abakus Group, one of Asia's top 50 innovative fintechs. In addition, we have an anti-DDoS operating system, which prevents your computer from being accessed externally by our servers.

Information confidentiality

Process security also extends to asset trading. That's because 99% of the types of cryptocurrencies we have are stored in the “Cold Wallet", an offline data network, and all the details of our operations are done by email, preventing information leakage.

In addition, we also hold the Swiss VQF (Financial Services Standards) license, which guarantees that NovaDAX's operations are supervised to combat money laundering (AML).

Identity verification on withdrawal

Security is also part of the withdrawal process of NovaDAX's. With level 2 verification required — pattern recognition, metatext and chip —, identification analysis, in addition to email notification, to convert your virtual currency, you even have the “Google Authenticator" to protect your data.

NovaDAX helps you protect yourself

Even with all these features to ensure that NovaDAX is reliable, this should be a “two-way street". So, stay tuned for the following points and see what you can do to make the most of this cryptocurrency market.

Create a strong password

The first step is to create a strong password of 8 to 20 characters, interspersing upper and lower case letters between numbers and special characters. Also avoid using the same email address on other accounts, for the more secret this information is, the less likely cybercrime is to happen.

Enable Google Authentication

When it comes to protecting your information, it's important to be safe in several cases. Don't forget to activate “Google Authentication", a software that helps to verify the processes and is even more secure than the authentication steps via SMS or email.

Check your account

To increase the confidentiality and security of your data, you can still authenticate your account when sending your document to our team. Then, we will analyse your information and verify your account to prevent fraud cases.

At NovaDAX, safety is our priority

NovaDAX is reliable. To offer the best experience in trading cryptocurrencies, our team offers the highest level of security in all our services, helping you to invest in digital assets without fear.