08/04 00:00 - 08/16 23:59

ETH Trading competition

Trade to win up to R$ 2,000

ETH Trading competition

NovaDAX will reward R$ 3,140 to top 10 traders who have highest total trading volume of ETH (including fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto transactions) during contest period.

In addition, we will randomly select a user whose trading volume more than R$ 5,000 in this campaign and give out R$ 800 cash rewards

Start your first ETH transaction to enter the contest automatically.

1R$ 2,000
2R$ 500
3R$ 200
4R$ 150
5R$ 100
6R$ 80
7R$ 50
8R$ 20
9R$ 20
10R$ 20

Support team will contact you and issue prize in 1 week after contest ends. No any fee to attend, but you should do some simple marketing and advertising with our marketing team.


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  • Speaking a little about my strategy I am taking advantage of predictable lateralization in order to be able to increase my number of cryotos as I am betting on a long-term appreciation. I am trading in BTC/USDT which enables quick trading and I am also taking advantage of the daily appreciation of USDT. This became possible thanks to NovaDAX's platform that supports different types of orders which are executed quickly even via app and push notification of price, another great progress is stop order to protect your capital from big drops. Thanks.

    Winner of 0.3 BTC Claudinei

  • About the platform I just want to thank, my friend introduced it to me, I joined, got to know about it and recorded a video for my channel CachorroLoko. The referral system is very good! Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary and many thanks for the award!

    Winner of iPhone 11 Marcel

  • I’m a new bee who have never participated in a similar contest, but NovaDAX team encouraged me a lot to join. I am really lucky to get final reward.

    Winner of 1 BTC Cassio

  • I participated in the contest at beginning because I know it’s a rare chance to earn the crypto reward, no reason to lose it.

    Winner of 1 ETH Mauricio

  • In the BTC campaign I was third place, but in this contest I realized that it was easier because what needed was transaction volume. I dedicated myself and made it!

    Winner of 1 LTC Fábio