About NovaDAX

NovaDAX is a global leading crypto trading exchange, providing various crypto trading services to global advanced traders. As an international exchange with world-class team members around the world, NovaDAX receive internal investment from its holding company, Abakus Group, which already raised $300M in Series A to D financing.

A power in technology

Abakus Group focuses on using technology to enable different industries. By leveraging its technology ability of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, Abakus has transformed industries by improving the efficiency and service ability, including financial and technology industry. Among its 3 pillars: Abakus Tech, Abakus Retail and Wecash Global, the group has over 160 million users and is present in several countries on four continents.

Why Your First Choice

Best Price and Fee

The most attractive buying price and minimal fees with BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, XRP, XLM, TRX, BTT, EOS, ADA, IOTA, DOGE, DASH, LINK and NULS supported.

Made for YOU

User-friendly design and powerful features for both crypto new comers and professional trader, like OTC service and API trading.


Exclusive benefits — more than lower fee & unlimited transaction

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Secure and Fast Transaction

Ensure smooth and seamless trading experience with top-level security and fast speed

World-class Analyst Team

Always keep an eye on crypto market changes and new crypto projects to discover the crypto of high investment value to customers. NovaDAX is the first and only exchange supports Stellar(XLM) coins in Brazil.

Customer First

Fast response by leading and supportive customer service

Vision is Global

Powered by Abakus Tech, the Nova ecosystem has its headquarter in Switzerland and NovaDAX’s base is located in São Paulo, Brazil. With its global headquarter in Beijing, China, Abakus Group has offices in Europe, America, Brazil and Southeast Asia and a world-class team of tech experts from Google, Amazon, Tencent etc, creating a company with technology, innovation and agility DNA.

Brazil is the first market that NovaDAX arrived which serves as the headquarter of NovaDAX Latin America. NovaDAX Brazil provides a wide range and various crypto trading products to meet your different needs, including basic fiat-crypto trading, crypto-crypto experienced trading, crypto-crypto pro, crypto leverage trading etc. No matter you are a professional trader or a crypto trading new comer, you will find your suitable trading products in NovaDAX.

Banner map of NovaDAX global layout